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My name is Josh Judge.

Welcome to Judge Photography where we capture keepsake memories for your future generations.

Born in Orange Texas and now residing in the heart of Dallas Texas. Husband to a beautiful wife and a servant to the light of my life, my daughter. A CAD (Computer-aided design) and webpage designer which is a passion of mine; however, I’ve always had the love and the eyes to grasp the perfect moments and record it through my lenses. I revel in this craft my enjoyment , because I get to meet beautiful people, explore fun places, smile and share laughter with every unique spontaneous photo shoot I have the pleasure to be a part of.

My craft welcomes smiling faces and in some cases not the smiling faces, from dazzling weddings, children activities, couples, engagements, singles and families. Energy and excitement will be displayed in every session, I need you to bring your grin, smile or mean mugs it will all be accepted.

On this site, you can view samples of my work and view an insight on what to expect. I am committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Let's begin, shall we!

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